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“Make It Happen, Make It Makati” and the simple, New York inspired “I Love Taguig” aren’t the only cities with slogans in Metro Manila. We found eight more cities whose values are reflected in their slogans.

We run them down from the simplest to the funniest.

10. Taguig: “I Love Taguig” 

Straight to the point!

9. Makati: “Make It Happen, Make It Makati”

Strong and classy!

8.  Navotas: “Navotaas: Itaas ang antas ng buhay ng Navoteño”

Itaas from flood, that is! Charot! 

7. Quezon City’s “QC Welcomes You!” 

Hey, is that a reference to Welcome Rotonda?

6. Muntinlupa: “The city that cares”

Uy, they careNice to know.

5. Mandaluyong: “Gawa Hindi Salita” 

Ang lakas maka-“Time is gold.” Joke!

4. Caloocan: “Tao Ang Una” 

Photo from

Can we ask: Ano ang pangalawa?

3. Las Piñas: “Our Home”

Very talk show, ‘no?

2. Manila: “Forward Ever…Backward Never!”

We can hear Rufa Mae Quinto saying this. (With “Todo na ‘to”)

1. Pasig: “SIGe…PASIG…SIGe PA”

Is it just us or does it ring with NSFW-ness? Good word play!

BTW: Metro Manila is composed of 17 LGUs altogether. There are 16 cities and one municipality, if you need us to spell it out.

If your city actually has a slogan, and we failed to include it here, please let us know!


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