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With crazy weather, frequent earthquakes, and crazy-strong typhoons, perhaps it’s time to really commit to saving the environment?

While tree-planting and taking part in a cleanup drive are a good place to start, integrating earth-friendly actions and decisions into our every day might be where you can make the most impact.

Women can shift from sanitary pads to menstrual cups, for instance. Carrying a water bottle with you at all times instead of using plastic cups and styro are almost too easy, while taking the stairs instead of taking the lift will not only do a great deal for Mother Earth but it will also do a great deal on your waistline.

You know what’s another way to help out? Choosing to buy pre-loved items instead of buying brand new. “Aside from a form of waste management, repurposing goods prolongs their life and curbs greenhouse emissions that would have resulted from the manufacture of a new product,” said OLX, a leading online classifieds website, in a statement.

“New products require burning fossil fuels and energy,” explains Jem Baldisimo, an Environmental Scientist for the Marina Science Institute at the University of the Philippines. “They also come in special packages and are shipped from elsewhere. Every time a new product is produced, new materials are needed, fossil fuels are burnt and energy is used up.”

With the environment in mind, below are few things better bought as pre-loved items:

1. Cars. Imagine: Manufacturing just one brand new car elicits emissions that can power one house for an entire year! Purchasing a well-maintained second-hand car is a huge help in cutting down your carbon footprint, for sure.

2. Motorcycles. The electricity needed to produce one brand new motorcycle is equivalent to driving from Cabuyao Laguna to Manila and back.

3. Smartphone. Producing a new smartphone contributes about 56kg of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to driving form Manila to Dagupan.

4. Laptops. To produce just 1 kilogram of laptop, about 12 kilograms of fuel is need. Here’s the catch: Laptops are often 2 kilograms in weight. That’s a lot of fuel needed—for just one laptop!

5. Swivel chairs. Making one new office swivel is equal to the emissions produced by burning 35 kilogram of coal.

“This earth day and beyond, we want to encourage our buyers and sellers to continuously take part in strengthening a community that works collectively towards helping the environment. Through the simple act of repurposing goods, we allow our community members to involve themselves in a cause that transcends a transaction’s utility,” says Jean Magboo, head of Marketing of OLX Philippines.

Check out OLX’s inforgraphic for an easier digestion:

Headline illustration: Madel Crudo


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