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We gotta admit it: Sometimes healthy eating is hard. Actually, it’s confusing and tricky, and it isn’t just sometimes. It’s more often than not, if we’re being our brutally honest 5-year-old brat self.

Apart from trying to give up sugar in this heat (bye halo-halo), choosing to eat more vegetables (hi kale), and eating less junk (brb chips), there’s that fine line to toe when dealing with superfoods.

According to Cheshire Que, a registered nurse and dietician, “food items, which boast of being nutrient-rich and are considered functional may be harmful when taken with some medications. Certain medical conditions can be aggravated, leading to complications. Sad to say, food that heals can also kill.”

Yikes. Below are a few of them.


Not only is soy high in protein and low in saturated fat; it is also good for the heart and may help prevent breast cancer when consumed at an earlier age. We highlight the fact because breast cancer patients, who are very estrogen-sensitive btw, should avoid soy. Why? Because “soy contains isoflavones, which act like weak estrogen and estrogen promotes the growth of breast cancer cells.”

Apart from breast cancer patients, people with high uric acid, gouty arthritis, and hypothyroidism should probably stay away from soy, too. Says Que, “soy prevents the absorption of thyroid medication.” If you can’t keep away from eating your taho though, give it four hours between enjoying your drink and taking your meds.


Ah, the spice that everybody and their uncles are claiming to help in pretty much everything. It’s been found to reduce tumor size, prevent the growth of cancer cells, lower blood pressure and stimulate bile flow, which is needed for fat metabolism.

But “Turmeric causes painful contractions of the gallbladder” so people with gallstones or gallbladder disease, watch out. And though it can lower blood pressure, it also has blood thinning effects—“be careful in taking supplements if you’re taking anticoagulants or antihypertensive drugs.”


Almost everything here is a check: It’s high in vitamin C, potassium, lycopene. It promotes a healthy heart. Grapefruit also decreases cancer risk. But there are substances in grapefruit—as well as pomelo and pomegranate—that block the action of a bodily enzyme, which helps in breaking down medication lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. “The accumulation of drugs in the blood due to the impaired breakdown and excretion leads to muscle, kidney, or liver damage,” warns Que.


It reduces arthritic pain, helps improve blood glucose control and cholesterol levels. It also has blood thinning effects, which means, keep away from drugs like aspirin to prevent bleeding.

[h/t Manila Bulletin]


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