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You may think you don’t know it, but you do. Millennial pink is everywhere these days: From book covers up to shoes, to shirts, to a beach in Mexico even. Millennial pink is everywhere in the world and there’s no way to hide from it.

But what’s with this color anyway and why people can’t get over with it? It’s basically pale pink with a neutral shade like Pantone Rose Quartz or Pantone Pale Dogwood mixed into it.

According to Slate, the hype started in 2014 with Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, where the hotel building is painted with several shades of pink. The rage for this color continued in 2015 when Apple released the rose gold variation of iPhone. It went cray in 2016, when Rose Quartz was named Pantone Color of the Year, but millennial pink’s domination is far from over.

Below are nine ways you can wear the hottest color of the year.

1. Swimsuit

Zara, P1,795

This one-piece swimsuit from Spanish brand Zara is perfect for summer! Match it with your good old sunnies and you’re good to go.

2. Ruffled blouse

Zara, P1,995

Perfect for the office. Wear it with your skirt or even slacks and walk around the office halls, sprinkling millennial cheer!

3. Sweatshirt

Zara, P2,295

This lightweight sweatshirt paired with your favorite mom jeans and white sneakers will never go wrong.

4. Denim shorts

Forever 21, P995

The scorching heat calls for a comfy everyday attire. Top it with your white shirt for a simpler look.

5. Culotte pants

Zara, P2,295

A pale pink culotte is really a must-have. You can use it for a casual wear by pairing it with a loose top or use it on a special event with an off shoulder blouse. Fab!

6. Blazer

Zara, P2,995

Tired of your black blazer? It seems like you need this on your closet. Wear it with a white top and dark-colored pants for a smart casual look.

7. Pumps

H&M, P1,190

Wear the color on your feet! If you’re not feeling pink and think it’s too much but you still want to ride the trend, this suede high-heel should be subtle enough for you. Slay it.

8. Skirt

H&M, P990

Tennis skirt in millennial pink? We die of cuteness overload!

9. Lipstick

Kylie Jenner also follows the millennial pink hype. The KKW x Kylie collection is Kylie Cosmetic’s newest collaboration with Kylie’s sister, Kim Kardashian West. It is a set of liquid lipsticks that has the shades of millennial pink.

Photos by Madel Crudo


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