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While it was Kiana Valenciano’s music that has turned us into avid fans—it is evident her father passed on his genius to her—it is her fashion sense that first and keeps us intrigued.

She’s never predictable, she looks at ease wearing different styles, and always, always Kiana looks nicely put-together without looking stiff.

No wonder: Last year, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter went to London to study a few fashion courses at Central Saint Martins. While there, she attended several London Fashion Week shows, too.

We caught up with Kiana at the press conference of Manila X Festival on Tuesday—she is a returnee performer of the fashion and music festival—to talk fashion, music, and style. She gave us tips and fashion advice!

Describe your personal style.
I’m very eclectic. One day I could be bohemian, the next day I could be completely street. I’m trying to find a balance between both. It’s always different but John Lozano (who is my stylist) is able to master how my mood changes and how my style changes with my mood.

What’s your fashion staple for the summer?
I’m very much into prints. I like bohemian prints, loose skirts, anything loose and moveable—that’s what I really drift towards.

How about no-nos?
Constricting clothes. Anything fitted, fitted sleeves, high neckline, anything that would cause me to feel warmer than what I already feel in this heat.

But in the general scheme of things, I don’t really shy away from many styles. Hmm, I guess trends. I don’t like sticking to trends. There are things that I’ve picked up that I’ve kept, like hoop earrings! They came, they went, and I just kinda stuck to them—and now they’re back! It’s weird. When I like something, even if it goes out of style, if I genuinely like it, I don’t really care.

Is there a rule you follow?
Don’t over-think it! When I over-think, I tend to think I have nothing to wear.

And I’ve noticed, the first thing I’ve picked out is the first thing I end up wearing. I pick it out, try on so many other things, but I always go back to the first thing.

Do you play music when you dress up?
Yes, but it’s weird. My daily mix is jazz. I’m always playing jazz. I have a playlist called “Shmancy” and my best friend and I used to listen to it in London. It’s a mix of Etta James, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald.

But it’s magulo. There are days when I listen to that, but there are days when I listen to the likes of Jay-Z. Usually though, it’s really jazz.

Finally, which of the three stylists at Manila X would you love to work with?
Oh my gosh, all three! I don’t think I’ve worked with any of them. I think I’d be very open. I’m very interested to see on how they will collaborate with me, because I’m very picky with my style. John Lozano, who is my stylist, every time he comes up with an outfit, it’s very collaborative. He knows my style, so he works around that.

Catch Kiana Valenciano at the Manila X Festival, May 27, 2017, Globe Circuit Events Ground, Makati. Website


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