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What can you get for thirty-five buckaroos? These days, not much. So Ministop introducing its 35-peso churros is like manna from heaven.

Warm, deep-fried pieces of bread feel good on an empty stomach—couple that with cheap coffee and you feel like you were in the higher end of Villa Zaragoza.

So what gives? We mean that’s P35. Something’s gotta give.

Pros: The churros has a kind of crispiness that we love. The dark chocolate sauce was surprisingly good, too!

Cons: Why does it smell like the famous (and good!) Uncle John’s chicken? Also, we don’t know if it’s the Intramuros branch staff being forgetful or if it’s really that way? Because it seems like sugar and cinnamon were completely forgotten.

Verdict: Do we have the right to complain? The churros, after all, is just P35. Besides, save for smelling like fried chicken, there are ways to remedy the turn-offs: We mean, we have unused packets of sugar from take-out coffee sitting in our drawer. We used those for these churros and what a difference that made.

The final word: Nice one, Ministop, but if we may? A dash of cinnamon on your lovely churros would definitely be appreciated. (Kami na bahala sa sugar.)

Photo by Monica Pantaleon


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