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It feels like we’re being roasted in hell not just because it’s summer—it’s because our planet is suffering from climate change, thanks to our lack of commitment in protecting and taking care of Mother Earth.

With that idea in mind, Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation launched an exhibit entitled Earth + Lens, which aims to raise awareness on preserving our planet and to see mother nature through your lens. It opened last Saturday, April 22 at the ground floor of S Maison mall in Pasay City, and will run only until Thursday April 27.

There are 36 beautiful photos of nature, shot by Manila Bulletin and Going Places photographers, with the rest of the exhibit crowd-sourced using the hashtag #MBEarthDay.

At the launch, Dr. Sonny Coloma, executive vice president of Manila Bulletin, said that all of us should cooperate in protecting nature by preventing the effects of climate change.

“We need to fortify our communities to mitigate the effects of climate change. Let us be vigilant and be prepared against the onslaught of typhoons, floods and other natural calamities by acting in unison, in the spirit of bayanihan,” Coloma said.

Dr. Coloma also said that everyone, especially the youth, should actively participate in preserving our environment.

Millennials being known as the tech-savvy generation, can use it to inspire and encourage others to help in protecting mother Earth.

He said that “through our social media platforms on Twitter and Instagram, we at Manila Bulletin, encouraged followers to submit their best nature photos of the Philippines and use the hashtag #MBEarthDay.”

Below are a few pieces from the exhibit.




Manila Bulletin’s Earth + Lens exhibit will run until Thursday, April 27 at the S Maison, Conrad Manila in Pasay City.


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