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Right in time for the unforgiving summer, which by the way, requires us to wear the lightest, most comfortable clothes ever invented.

Tomorrow, April 28, the largest Uniqlo store in the country will open a dedicated section to its UT collection, and its UT collection only.

UT as in Uniqlo T-shirt, honey. The awesome Japanese brand, after all, has about 16 new themes for its Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

We previewed the space and the collection on Wednesday and if we may: Shirt fiends, prepare to lose your marbles.

Apart from the Lego, Marvel, Peanut collections, Uniqlo has collaborated with artists the world over, too.

There’s the art legend from New York, Futura, who has created a collection for men and boys that presents a mature perspective of the art scene of the Big Apple. He even created a special logo and tag just for this project.

SPRZ NY is a collection of feminine t-shirts that focuses on the beauty of geometric art aka Supergeometric. It is based on the conecpt of “a place where fashion meets art.”

The Star Wars Artist Collection has Uniqlo collaborating with three artists: James Jarvis from London, Kevin Lyons from Brooklyn, New York, and Geoff Mcfetridge from LOA to create designs in their own styles to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars’s initial release.

Well-loved American pop artist KAWS teamed up with Uniqlo for a unique take on Peanuts! His latest collection focuses on Snoopy—which is one of his earliest subjects, BTW—reinterpreting the beloved character with “x” as eyes and calling him “Joe Kaws.”

And then there’s the collab with trendy artist Andre Saraiva, which marks his debut with UT! The artist is adored by celebrities the world over, and is a favorite collaborator by high fashion brands.

See more photos below and salivate while waiting. The new UT section opens Friday.

UT Futura


UT Kaws x Peanuts


UT Mr. A




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