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UPDATE (April 27, 6:50pm): Erwan Heussaff finally issued a statement about the Twitter drama he got himself caught in, saying his statement “about having no excuses when it comes to weight loss is aimed at people who actually want to lose weight, who need to, and who have tried in the past.”

According to Erwan, he was “obviously not talking to people who are have [sic] a hard time feeding themselves and who’s priority is to just eat.”

Read the whole thing here:

On April 25, Tuesday, a Twitter thread by user Moki’s Anagram went viral after she tweeted about celebrities’ healthy diet plans and how some of them have shamed rice eaters.

While a lot agreed with Moki tweeted, there were some who did not—including fitness enthusiast and fat kid inside, Erwan Heussaff.

He MT’d Moki’s and added: “Actually, oldest food crop locally are yams, taros, sweet potato and manioc.”

We’re guessing it was the “manioc” that triggered the ever-so patola Twitter crowd. Erwan’s reaction quickly turned into a long-winded discussion that revealed serious implications. “It’s really about access. They don’t understand that it’s a class thing. That we’re not making any excuses [not to eat healthy]. It really is about access,” Moki’s Anagram tells MB Life.

It is a very serious matter, TBH. Thankfully, the drama wasn’t without gems that (1) had us ROLFing and (2) put us back to sobriety with its #realtalk.

Below are eight of the funniest reactions from netizens about the Erwan vs. rice eaters issue. Enjoy!

Copy-paste method, mumsh!

In fairness, we googled it too.  

Healthy living is good, but extra rice is better. #SorryNotSorry.

Harsh! LOL


Savage si tita! Haha! 

TBH, pengeng diet plan ni JPE!



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