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After Stranger Things, Santa Clarita Diet, and 13 Reasons Why, Netflix is back at it again with Girlboss.

Based on the memoir #GIRLBOSS by the real-life Sophia Amoruso, the 13-episode series loosely follows the highs and lows of an entrepreneur named Sophia Marlowe (Britt Robertson), from her days as as a seller of cheap vintage finds on eBay to her setting up her own fashion label Nasty Gal. The show was created and partly written by Kay Cannon, screenwriter of Pitch Perfect. For those familiar with the Nasty Gal-Girlboss-Sophia Saga, you’ll hardly find any of that here because… Sophia Amoruso is one of the show’s producers.

Anyway, we still think it’s worth the watch, mainly for these five reasons.

1. Powerful soundtrack. Netflix has always been good with their soundtracks, but this series is particular is hawt. We mean: Riot Grrl, yo! The playlist includes Le Tigre, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bikini Kill and many more artists that will make you feel empowered AF.

2. The straight-to-the-point grandma. This granny is like any other lola in town. She’s really frank about how millennials need to learn a lot more from their generation. When Sophia is talking about the struggle of adulthood, this grandmother slapped her face real hard and told Sophia that, “It’s hard to believe you’re the future. Thank god I’ll be dead.” Still slaying!

Keep coming after millennials. We're LIVING.

Posted by Girlboss on Friday, April 21, 2017

3. Fabulous wardrobe. Of course, this show is about a girl who sells vintage clothes. We really expect to see a pretty wardrobe, right? Well, our expectations were met. Sophia’s outfits are really vintage-y and beautiful. Just look at this jacket and tell us we’re wrong.

4. Annie-Sophia friendship. Sophia met her bestfriend Annie (Ellie Reed) during a Dodgers game, where Annie saved her from being attacked by a gang of baseball fans at the game. Their friendship started really well, but also has its own twists and turns. But no matter what happened and no matter how bitchy Sophia is, they always end up saying, “Love you in case I die!” <3


5. Relatable lines from Sophia. Though Sophia may be bitchy at times, we can all relate to her struggles about adulthood and as a millennial. She also wants to prove that girls can do everything. “You’re right. I am a girl. That shouldn’t be a bad thing. Girls are collaborative. Empathetic. Hard workers. Girls are great.”

Ladies, stand up!

Posted by Girlboss on Monday, April 24, 2017


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