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Sunday night was really special, as six new beauty queens were crowned to represent the Philippines in different international beauty pageants.

Everybody was watching and live-tweeting, falling in love with Paulo Avelino, who was one of the judges.

But amidst of all the Avelino Twitter fun, Tim Yap tweeted: “Some of the girls don’t look like they come from the provinces they represent. #BbPilipinas2017.” Of course Twitter didn’t take it well.

It could’ve gone south, the way the Erwan Heussaff drama did, except Tim is Mister Congeniality; he handled the misunderstanding rather well. Below are a few things Erwan we can learn from this social media incident.

1. First, delete the incriminating evidence and apologize fast. In the age of social media, however, be wary of screen caps.

2. Stay cool and ignore all the funny little tweets from everybody. How Tim did it, we’re dying to know.

Of course, Duterte = Davao lol

Oh, the famous Las Piñas Bamboo organ! Haha.

Vigan longganisa, yum!

Ang sad. Pero ano pa nga ba, Manila. 🙁

Or pwede ring chocolate hills?

Colette’s buko pie!!

Dear, Twitter world. Keep on being witty and punny, please! <3

3. Be straightforward with your explanations:

4. Reinforce your defenders by retweeting them, without adding noise whatsoever:



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