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Sad, disappointing, and to be blunt, gross.

Facebooker and Boracay native Rone Saron posted a video of the famous white sand beach at the wee hours of May 2—essentially when the legendary #LaBoracay parties were winding down, and it was terrible.

Bottles of beer still in plastic bags—empty bags of chips, nuts, and water bottles, too—were floating on the shore of the beach.

There are, of course, many ways to explain the trash but one thing is clear and obvious: They didn’t just wash ashore. The uniformity of the bottles, still in plastic bags, will tell you that they were obviously left there, improperly disposed.

“Respect the ocean….kayo manga [sic] dayo lang, kami tubong boracay. Kaming manga naninirahan sa isla ang kawawa sa manga pinag gagawa nyo…please respect the island,” Rone wrote to accompany the disturbing video.

According to the 28-year-old native, he had been wanting to take videos of Boracay since #Laboracay commenced on Friday. He deliberately took a walk on the beach on May 1, the last night of the parties, to show the environmental impact of the festivities. “Kuha ko po yung video sa may White House,” he tells us adding that a huge telecommunications company hosted a party in that area.

Perhaps Rone was there a little too soon—perhaps a cleanup was scheduled for this afternoon. But even then. These should not have been in the ocean to begin with.

In the comments section, Rone mentioned how a tourist was injured because there were a lot of broken pieces of glass on the sand.

We’re all for having a good time, but we’re more for responsible partying, and we’re all in for Mother Earth. It really is time to start taking care of her.


Respect.. the ocean.. be ocean minded..kayo manga dayo lang kami tubong boracay.kaming manga naninirahan sa isla ang kawawa sa manga pinag gagawa nyo..pls respect the island

Posted by Rone Saron on Monday, May 1, 2017



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