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Teen actor Daniel Padilla received negative comments from the netizens after a video of him allegedly shaking a cherry blossom tree circulated online.

An unknown YouTube user uploaded a 13-second video where a man identified as Daniel was shaking the cherry blossom for photo purposes.

Daniel is currently in Japan together with his mom Karla Estrada and rumored girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo to celebrate his birthday. He turned 22 last April 26.

Of course, netizens took offense and tweeted how the actor forgot his respect and manners during the trip.

The cherry blossom viewing season or also known as Hanami (flower viewing) usually takes place around March and April in large cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

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Now, if you’re planning to catch the last of the Cherry Blossoms, here are a few do’s and don’ts that we should all keep in mind according to Condé Nast Traveler and Take note of these so you can enjoy the view hassle-free! 😉

  • Do not disrespect the trees. Taking photos is fine, but remember to be careful around the trees. Never pull or shake the branches, pick blossoms, or stand on the roots. That goes without saying: don’t climb up the trees! Jeffrey Miller, Director of Education and Family Programs at the Japan Society said, “The unspoken ‘don’t’ is [that] there is to be no disruption of the tree; shaking, climbing, picking of the blossoms.”
  • Do not leave your garbage. A policy that must be applied everywhere. Granted, you’re a tourist and you might have an empty paper glass or food wrapper on you. Please prepare a small trash bag so you can dispose your garbage to the proper bins.
  • Check out the area’s rules and regulations. The parks where the cherry blossom blooms usually have their own rules and it may differ from park to park. Many parks do not allow barbecuing and alcoholic beverages. Others have a night curfew. It’s better to check these rules first to avoid the hassle of bringing prohibited items.
  • Prepare for a picnic. Convenience stores around Japan sells special sakura onigiri or those tightly packed rice balls dyed in pink, red bean treats, and sakura mochi that you can enjoy eating while you’re enjoying the cherry blossom view. Hanami bento is also on sale during the season.
  • Reserve a picnic spot in advance. There will be a lot of tourists during the Hanami festival, so you better get a good spot in advance. Just don’t take more space than you need.


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