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Our only beef about the Delimondo Store: Why is it closed on Sundays?

Other than that, we are more than happy to know—and report!—that owners of the well-loved Delimondo corned beef has finally opened a store, where its cult-following can sit down and indulge in their Delimondo corned beef craving all day errday—save for Sunday, that is.

The Delimondo Store is where everybody can load up on their Delimondo stash, and have a proper meal while at it. Of course the main star of the show is the super delectable, incredibly satisfying Delimondo corned beef, but there are other things on the menu: kimchi fried rice with luncheon meat, spicy tinapa rice, corned beef lasagna, plus breads, dessert, and coffee.

According to Katrina Ponce-Enrile, JAKA Group of Companies CEO and president, the corned beef took a hold on people when she started sending them out as gifts to friends. “We weren’t selling it but we were supplying it to one of the food chains here in the country. I tweaked it and now I have my own formulation different from the one we’re supplying,” she explains.

The menu at store, she continues, will see continue to see change. “We’re adding more all-day breakfast meals. The goal is to increase awareness of our other products at the same time, give our customers ideas on how else to prepare them.”


Spicy luncheon meat and kimchi fried rice


Spicy tinapa fried rice


Delimondo brownies


Delimondo carrot cake

[h/t Manila Bulletin]


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