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Mother’s Day is coming soon. And like our mom, mum, nanay, mama, mujang, and mudrakels, Kris Aquino is the real ~kween~ mum of her two kids, Josh and Bimby.

Though she’s a busy woman—her businesses, vlogs, and an entire showbiz career on the upswing—Kris always makes sure that she has time for her children.

On Wednesday, May 3, a Facebook post showing just how protective Krissy can be when it comes to her kids, resurfaced. Just like it did in 2015, the post—a screenshot showing how Kris savagely answered Bimb’s basher—turned viral.

With that, allow us to give you 6 photos that will prove that Kris Aquino is truly the cutest showbiz mom, starting with that savage reply.

1. She’s protective AF

Don’t mess with her kids because she will throw all the shade back at you.

2. She’s also like our moms waiting to see her grandkids

Typical mom who’s waiting to have grandkids kahit na 10 yrs old pa lang si Bimb. Lol!

3. She’s also obedient to her kids!

She takes Bimb’s opinion seriously. Lel.

4. She’s super organized

She like putting labels on everything. Sleep wear, travel wear, shorts set, and lounge wear or simply known as pambahay clothes.

5. She’s a super proud mom

And when she’s proud, she’ll shout it to the world! (Bongga ni Bimb! A sa handwriting.)

6.  Even she’s away, she’ll monitor her boys 24/7

She can monitor her kids anytime, anywhere! CCTV level. Charot! 

7. She’ll give anything for the two most important men in her life

Aww, Krissy. <3


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