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The scorching hot weather in Manila makes us all crave for some cold dessert. While halo-halo is great, an alternative is always welcome.

Enter Bingsu. It’s a Korean shaved ice dessert topped with chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, red beans, and other varying sweet ingredients; suppose it’s safe to say it’s Korea’s version of our halo-halo.

Like other Korean things, Bingsu has gotten pretty famous in Manila. Popular fastfood joint Bon Chon released their Bingsu recently. Of course MB Life had to try—two flavors in fact: Strawberry Cheesecake and Match Vanilla.

Pros: The strawberry cheesecake has the signature cheesecake bits, chopped strawberry, strawberry syrup, layered with cheesy powder that we really like. The cheesecake bits was good, we wanted to ask the staff where can we order a whole cake!

Cons: The matcha vanilla flavor had too much matcha powder. But if you’re a matcha and red bean combi fan, you can try it yourself.

Verdict: For P89, the bingsu from Bon Chon is a must-try. We mean, compared to other fancy bingsu stores, this is worth a try.

The final word: Good job, Bon Chon! But if we may suggest, try adding other Pinoy flavors to give it a good twist!

Photo by Madel Crudo


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