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Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

Not only did McDonald’s bring back the Shake Shake Fries—the fastfood joint brought it back with two new flavors.

Last Tuesday, May 2, McDonald’s introduced the Creamy Truffle and Cheddar & Sour Cream variants to its Shake Shake Fries.

The Creamy Truffle is the rich and savory truffle flavor coupled with a hint of creamy cheese and chives. If you’re looking for a creamy cheddar flavor blended with a sour cream twist, then Cheddar and Sour Cream is the perfect match for you.

If you still like the good old BBQ variant of the Shake Shake fries, it is still available.

Treat yourself and visit a McDonald’s today because the Shake Shake Fries three awesome flavors are for a limited time only.

Now, we wonder: When will Ronald bring back its Twisted Fries?


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