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มั่งมี ศรีสุข ซินเจียยู่อี่ ซินนี้ฮวดไช้ 新正如意 新年发财 #สิบล้อpom #pomeranian #HappyLunarNewYear #ChineseNewYear #ปอมเชิดสิงโต #OptimusCrane

Posted by สิบล้อ & ปั้นจั่น – optimus Crane on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Two more days before we finally welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year and people (and their pets alike) are already going crazy. Take for example this two-year-old Pomeranian named Optimus from Thailand.

A video of this adorable little canine prancing around with its little paws, doing the lion dance around its master’s living room, was shared ahead of the Chinese New Year festivities. Optimus was even garbed in a red mini-lion costume (which sort of looks like a dragon) fit for its size. So adorbs!

(Original photo from สิบล้อ & ปั้นจั่น - optimus Crane Community)
(Original photo from สิบล้อ & ปั้นจั่น – optimus Crane

The pooch has become an instant hit on social media after his owner Natthakrita Brompunya uploaded the video of the “dancing” dog on February 1, 2016 under a page dedicated solely for Optimus and his pals. The viral video has since reached over 4 million views as of this posting.

Aside from the circle fruits on the table, the yummy tikoy waiting to be devoured, the long noodles for a longer life, and spectacular fireworks to drive away negative spirits, another practice believed to bring in good luck for the year is the lion dance–just like what Optimus did–only with humans manipulating the lion costume in actual performances.

(Photo courtesy of Myrabella via Wikimedia Commons)
(Photo courtesy of Myrabella via Wikimedia Commons)

The lion dance is a traditional Chinese dance done during big occasions like the Chinese New Year. As you can hear in Optimus’ video, the dance is accompanied by the beating of the drums, clashing cymbals, and gongs. Costumes vary in color, length, and size. You can see lions in red, green, and yellow worn by people or placed on sticks.

This folk culture is believed to drive away negative energies and bring in good ones for a prosperous year.

On Monday (February 8, 2016), we will officially be welcoming in the Year of the Monkey. We sure hope that this year won’t be filled with monkey business (Eep!).

Anyway, do note that it’s also a holiday so cheers to the long weekend!

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