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Working out during summer is extra hard. We mean: we’re already sweating as it is, putting on a sports bra is a workout in itself, and yes, there’s no way in hell can we wear tight-fitting joggers. In this scorching hot weather, a challenging task.

In comes Uniqlo to the rescue. Apart from its super presko spring/summer collection, the Japanese brand has expanded its collection to include a wider range of sports and athletic wear. Uniqlo Sport aims to provide a comfortable yet stylish sport pieces for summer workouts; this is actually one way for Uniqlo to celebrate its 5th year in the Philippines!

We’ve weeded out the collection and selected six of the best. Check them out below.

1. AIRism UV Cut Mesh Full Zip Hoodie. This classic UV cut mesh hoodie is awesome for your running/jogging routine. It has UV-protection that blocks UV rays and minimizes the chance of sunburns and skin damage. More sun protection, we like!

AIRism UV Cut Mesh Full Zip Hoodie, P990

2. AIRism Relaxed Crew Neck. Athleisure, through and through! You can wear this in the gym, for your everyday commute, during tamad Saturday errand-run. Thanks to the Dry and Cool Touch technology, this shirt will leave you feeling cool. What’s best? It works with almost all body types.

AIRism Relaxed Crew Neck. P790

3. DRY-EX Ultra Stretch Short Pants. Designed for women who like to be on-the-go, these shorts are fit for everyday, too. It has quick-drying features, and works and looks great with leggings or tights.

DRY-EX Ultra Stretch Short Pants, P990

4. DRY-EX Crew Neck T-Shirt. This crew neck t-shirt instantly absorbs sweat and will leave you presko all day. It also has stretch fabric also that lets you move freely. Hassle MRT train rides, begone!

DRY-EX Crew Neck T-Shirt, P790

5. DRY-EX Short Pants. Equipped with quick-dry capability, these shorts will keep you cool throughout your workout. The mesh fabric also provides added breathability.  

DRY-EX Short Pants, P990

6. DRY-EX Short Pants. Ideal for men on-the-go, this hoodie maintains a comfortable feel throughout your workout. The underarm panels and sleeves are designed for increased arm mobility.

DRY-EX Full-Zip Hoodie, P1,490

Check out Uniqlo’s website for more details about Uniqlo Sport.

Photos from Uniqlo Philippines


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