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After releasing her first single “bbgirl” under her upcoming album Crydancer last month, our favorite gal BP Valenzuela released another song entitled “Cards” featuring King Puentespina a.k.a. crwn.

The new single was out on Soundcloud on the midnight of May 22 and a music video directed by Apa Agbayani premiered earlier on Youtube.

In an interview with One Music PH last March, BP said that the song was written after her US trip and while she’s dating someone.

“Cards was written as soon as I got back from a trip to the US, where most of my family lives –– I was dating someone at the time, and it wasn’t serious but it felt serious, until it actually became serious, and I wondered if it was really the right thing to make that sort of decision so quick into knowing someone. I went into the studio with King (crwn) and we just started writing from scratch, while I was thinking about the whole thing and what it meant to me, to be home instead of there, and it just all came from a very raw place,” she said.

BP Valenzuela’s second album Crydancer under Party Bear Records is set to release on July 7, 2017.

Watch the official music video for “Cards” here:


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