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As Solenn Heusaff and Nico Bolzico celebrate their first wedding anniversary last Sunday, May 21, Jason Magbanua uploaded the official wedding video of our favorite couple. Yay!

As expected, Jason Magbanua does it again. The 15-minute video highlights the ceremony, the tear-jerking exchange of vows and the intimate reception of the wedding.

In her blog, Sos said that even if she’s already married, she still has the freedom to do what she wants.

“Some people say “freedom” is the difference between being a boyfriend-and-girlfriend couple and being a married one. Um, not really. Getting married does not get rid of freedom. If it did, then why do people get married?

“For me, freedom is being able to freely express who I am. It’s what makes me happy, what pushes me to explore, and what stimulates my creativity. In this sense, being married still makes me a free woman. Obviously, I am not free to date other men (and if this is what freedom means to you, trust me, you aren’t ready for marriage yet), but to be honest, I feel the most free I’ve ever been. I’ve never been this motivated to spread my wings and chase opportunities, to work harder, to meet people who I can learn from, to look better, to feel better… This is what being with Nico has done to me,” Solenn wrote.

Solenn also posted a funny video clip of her and Nico dancing to “Chantaje” by Shakira. Cuties!

Happy anniversary, Sos and Nico! <3

Watch the wedding video here:


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