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Summer is our favorite time of the year, right? It is where we enjoy out-of-town trips, going to the beach, and doing different water activities. But it is also the season where the weather is really intense and girls can really have a hard time doing beauty regimens to keep fresh all day.

That’s why during a Manila Bulletin exclusive interview with the winners of Bb. Pilipinas 2017, we got the chance to ask them about their beauty and makeup tips during this scorching hot weather.

Miss Universe Philippines 2017 – Rachel Peters

“I always start my day with a glass of hot water with lemon because in that way, you’re starting your day right and hydrated. For my skin, I always use coconut oil because during summer it gets really dry and sunblock of course.

Wearing makeup for us is really a must, but I always make sure to remove all of it before sleeping. I also use coconut oil as my makeup remover and moisturizer. That’s my holy grail!”

Bb. Pilipinas International 2017 – Mariel de Leon

“Always wear sunscreen no matter what season it is. The UV rays go to the clouds even if it’s not sunny out there.

For makeup, just keep it light because it’s humid and you tend to get sweaty. In casual days, kahit BB cream and lip balm lang for summer look then I’m good to go na.”

Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental 2017 – Katarina Rodriguez

“Drink a lot of water. I have dry skin so I strictly drink a lot of water to have glowing skin. Always wash your face at night and after you wake up in the morning. I know we tend to get lazy when it comes to washing our face regularly but you really need to have discipline.

Sa makeup naman, I have a lot from over the years and I like to use it all. I’m not really into makeups, but I understand that I’m a beauty queen now. During normal days, I don’t really use foundation.  Just a little blush, contour, and I like playing around with eye and lip color a lot.”

Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2017 – Elizabeth Durado Clenci 

“Always keep it fresh and always wash your make up off. Never sleep with it on. I recommend to all the girls out there to use natural oils and natural products to protect their skin.

When it comes to makeup, I like to keep it quite natural because I have a natural beauty routine. As much as possible, I avoid wearing makeup when it is not necessary. With that, your skin will get the rest it deserves.”

Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2017 – Chanel Olive Thomas

“Sunscreen would be the key to life. Seriously, do not forget to put it every single day. Also, keep hydrated. Based on my experience, when I stay hydrated, my skin looks really good and full of glow.

One of my secrets before is drinking a lot of watermelon juice. Get out the seeds, put it in a blender, and have it with ice. Don’t forget your vitamins for healthier skin.”

Bb. Pilipinas Globe 2017 – Nelda Ibe

“To be honest, I’m not really using expensive products. I love doing my skincare routine the natural way. I actually use cucumber on my eyes and natural tomato face mask overnight.

For makeups, I would suggest to use the organic types especially this summer. Kasi mas friendly siya sa skin natin. And if possible, try to keep it light para it’s really summer ready.”

Photos by Camille Ante




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