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This is it—the day you officially become an adult!

There’s an entire library of manuals on how to survive your first day in school, but isn’t it such a curious thing that nobody really talks about what to expect on your first day at work? Here are some scenarios you might find yourself in—and what you can do about them!

1. Office OOTD

Before anything else—what will I wear?  The worst thing that could happen is feeling self-conscious about how you look and we think there are two words you need to follow: clean and smart. Work with the overall theme that you simply need to look prepared, especially since someone will surely take you around and introduce you to everyone and consider a highly possible run-in with the big boss.

2. Nothing.

Seriously, it’s not like your co-workers will allot a day to come up with a list of things the new kid (that’s you) can do on their first day on the job! This could be a really awkward situation you’ll find yourself in with everyone around you doing their serious business and you can’t exactly just decide to watch a movie or pull out a book to kill time.

BUT—this awkward time in your corporate life is actually the best time to get to know the company even more. So go on google and research about the company background, its clients, its existing projects. Then list down some proposals of what you can do for the company. After all, they’re always in need of fresh ideas. And when you find yourself at a stump in the future, these ideas might just be what you need to get you going again!

3. Educate yourself.

More than researching on the company for future million-dollar ideas, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rulesof the company, fulfilling the company’s medical and paperwork requirements, your rights as an employee and the company benefits you are entitled to.

With this being your first job, expect a portion of your salary to go to benefits like SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth. Find out how you can use and maximize these benefits.

You should also consider getting medical insurance in the form of an HMO, because nothing drains your savings account more than a sudden attack on your health!

4. You might find yourself eating alone.

The operative word here is might, just because there will always be that person who’s nice to everyone and that is why you don’t have to worry because everyone’s really nice in general – besides, there’s nothing like news of “the new kid” to add a bit of excitement to your co-workers’ everyday office routine and social interaction.

5. Make acquaintances.

Go around the office and make sure you acknowledge everyone’s presence. Get to know them so they’ll get to know you. Trust me, these people you greet and smile to will make your life at work a whole lot easier!

You might’ve noticed that I used the word acquaintances instead of friends. This is because you don’t need to pressure yourself to belong to a group. Besides, it’s better to get to talk to everyone to get a feel of your new environment. Remember, the office has its politics, so you better be careful about who you get acquainted with. (Just a friendly reminder *wink*)

Photo by Madel Crudo


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