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Have you heard of the Seek app? Apparently, it’s taking the Twitter-verse by storm. Many users are confused as to what is this Seek app that they kept seeing in their timeline.

Seek Rewards Through Adventures or known as the “Seek” app was released last September 2016. It is an augmented reality game app where you can navigate the real world using your camera. You can look for treasures that you can actually use in real life like Amazon gift cards, discount coupons, free food or even a Disneyland trip. Rewards are seen as blue (rare), cyan (epic) and yellow (legendary) dots on your map. Interesting, right?

Although this sounds pretty lit to everybody, other twitter users were not impressed.

And because we’re curious, MB Life decided to try the app and here are the results:

We followed the blue dot (rare rewards) and was disappointed. Nothing happened and there are no real rewards. *sigh*

Whatever hype this app is getting, let’s hope people wouldn’t be too dependent with these “free” rewards.


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