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If you’re anything like me, you may have heard of Hasht5, the latest group taking the internet by storm. You may have seen their videos, their animated GIFs, and all of the memes resulting out of this sensation. And like me, despite the wealth of Hasht5-related material out there, you are probably just as clueless as to who they really are.

If you refuse to go out of your way to research and find out just what Hasht5 is all about – well, we also have that in common. However, I have made it my goal to find out and understand what Hasht5 is so you don’t have to.

Am I doing this for the pursuit of knowledge? For the greater good? I don’t know.

I really don’t.

Meet Hasht5:

They are a boyband from General Trias, Cavite. Their ranks are made up of Marlou Arizala, Erick Oxford Ebreo, Vincent Binocas, Jhimwel Macanlalay, and Carl Cee Jhay Eliero. If you are wondering what their name means, don’t worry – they have helpfully explained that HASHT is actually an acronym, and it means Have A Successful Honer (sic) and Talent.

I’ve literally spent days trying to figure out what they do and why they deserve the fame that they currently enjoy. Unfortunately, I failed. I have, however, discovered that their confidence levels are off the charts:

The aforementioned confidence has sent a huge amount of hate their way. The kids of Hasht5 managed to take it all in stride, despite being thrown into the limelight by famed internet hater and online celebrity Senyora Santibañez.

They have never let this avalanche of hate get to them at all – in fact, they even ramped up their wondrous display of talent. Or lack of it.

Marlou of Hasht5's amazing confidence

Riding on the internet hate machine has its benefits, however. The constant attention – positive and negative – being thrown their way has translated into success for this scrappy group from General Trias. They have appeared on ABS-CBN shows Gandang Gabi Vice and It’s Showtime, and they are now ASAP regulars.

The Great Marlou Schism of 2016

It’s all not roses for Hasht5, however. In January 2016, Marlou declared on Twitter that he is leaving Hasht5 for good, due to in-fighting.

Hasht5 crying

He planned to start a solo career, like Zayn Malik did when he left One Direction. You can imagine how the internet reacted.

But don’t worry, loyal Hasht5 fan. Marlou and the rest of Hasht5 have managed to settle their differences, and Hasht5 is whole again.

The tragic period known as the Great Marlou Schism of 2016 lasted for a frightening eight days.

You can breathe easy now.

Looking at Hasht5’s meteoric rise to fame so far, we can learn that perseverance pays off. We should never let a small thing like “the majority of the internet hating us” stop us from going after our dreams. We should keep on posting videos of brazen displays of confidence – way more confidence that we are allowed to have. All you need is bulletproof resilience.

And of course, hokage moves. Lots of it.


Ade also writes for Noisy, Noisy, Man and What’s A Geek. Thanks to RM Zantua for the invaluable Hasht5 knowledge!

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