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Summer is over and it’s back-to-school season once again. Remember those times when we are all excited to buy new school supplies? Let’s be real, buying new stuff for school is everything to us.

But we’re pretty sure that kids today have a completely different school stuff as we are now living in a high-tech world. Smartphones, laptops, tablets name it and they have it all in just one bag. And because it’s Thursday, allow us to throwback 9 cool school abubots that kids from the ’90s had:

1. All-in-one pencil case

Photo from Hail Kawaii

The very bulky all-in-one pencil case that practically every kid in class had. Once you open this awesome pencil case, there’s a retractable pencil holder that gives you a fancy selection of pencils at your disposal. There’s also a whole set of buttons that pops out an eraser dispenser and a sharpener.

2. Magic Pencil

Photo from Pinterest

It’s the 90s kids’ mechanical pencil. If you run out of lead, you’ll ask your classmate “Uy, may bala ka pa ba?” Parents approve of this, because there’s no need for sharpeners and big erasers, and it’s also reusable. Tipid!

3. Magic Eraser

Photo from Pinterest

If there’s a magic pencil, of course there’s a magic eraser to match. The kids who have this are the kids who hate those usual tiny rectangular erasers because they’re too difficult to hold on to when erasing. And of course we have this because duh, it’s really cute.

4. Art kit

Photo from Pinterest

You have a once-a-week art class in school but you literally need this whole art kit because it makes you look like a legit artist! Carrying it going to school makes you feel like an executive holding up a briefcase and all of your classmates envy you for having an enormous set of art materials.

6. Kanin paste

Photo from Washi Arts

Those fancy glue and glue sticks were not so popular and kinda expensive compared to this 2-peso paste per tube. It is called the kanin paste because it almost looks and feel like cooked rice. But hey, they do stick good.

6. Diskette

Photo from Lamaplus

Background information for the youngsters who are just too young to recognize this: This was our USB flash drive 30 years ago. We would usually put on masking tape with our name on it for label sake at the front of the disk. And whenever you get a hold of your class enemy’s diskette, you were always tempted to erase his/her precious files by sliding the metal cover like there’s no tomorrow. *insert evil laugh*

7. Scented fruit-shaped erasers

At some point in our life, we all used to have this pouch filled with fruit erasers that smell like real fruits. Yum! The downside is, the cuter they are, the less capacity they could do their job! But we don’t care, we love smelling them every time we get a bit sleepy in class.

8. Touch and Go correction fluid

One of our life’s milestones is saying goodbye to our pencils and saying hello to ballpens! And when you start using permanent pens, you also start to make permanent mistakes. But don’t worry because correction fluid will save the day.

9. Artista notebooks

Photo from Pinoy Exchange

Celebrities in the cover of notebooks were a popular trend among students during the ’90s up to the early  ’00s. Who would forget the iconic Judy Ann Santos and the John Lloyd’s Harry Potter-ish covers? Kakamiss, ‘no?

Featured image by Madel Crudo


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