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Today, June 12, our country celebrates its 119th Independence Day. Aside from different activities happening all over the country to commemorate this special event, an annual social media hashtag #RP612 also takes over the Twitter world.

ICYMI, #RP612fic which means “Republic of the Philippines June 12 Fiction,” is a hashtag started way back 2009 and popularized by Paolo Chikiamco, writer and editor of This is a Twitter event where you can read or tweet hilarious and witty posts about alternative history. Philippine history and pop culture in one? Interesting!

With that, allow us to share some of the funniest tweets we’ve seen:

1. “Omg, Bimb. Stahpppp.”

2. Jose Rizal’s execution featuring Ryza Cenon’s ‘gun’ in Ika Anim Na Utos

3. Walwal wisely, bes

4. A Kris Aquino reference is a must

5. Goodbye, Spain. Hello, USA. 

6. Obviously, K is for Katipunan. LOL!

7. #squadgoals

8.  Pak! Aura pa rin!

9.  *cue Sia’s Chandelier*

10. That mauubos-na-pasensya-ko-pero-dapat-di-halata smile tho

11. Us to Mumshie Teodora:

12. Got a long list of ex-lovers~ 

13. Josephine Bracken is the real bbgirl

14. “Welcome to your tape, Emilio Aguinaldo.” 

15. aNd oF cOuRsE, tHe fAmOuS sPoNgEbOb mEmE


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