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On Wednesday, June 14, a statement from Senator Cynthia Villar about how unlimited rice should be banned in the Philippines made the rounds on social media.

During a committee hearing on rice implementation, the senator said: “So dapat i-train na rin nating mga Filipinos not to eat too much rice kasi nagiging diabetic. And you know, it’s expensive to cure diabetes. Parang sinasabi sa ibang bansa kaya hindi sila nagiging self-sufficient, because they have a better diet. So makakatulong iyon, iyong sinasabi nilang unlimited rice, hindi maganda iyon sa diet natin.”

After that controversial statement, Sen. Cynthia eventually clarified that she’s not planning to propose a law banning unli-rice and posted a “Keep calm there is no unli-rice ban” photo.

Well, it’s kinda late because she quickly became a Twitter famous. A lot of ~triggered~ posts and memes are all over the social media. Aside from Ryza Cenon memes and famous movie GIFs, here are the 10 best unlimited rice ban tweets that we’ve seen:

1. “Pabibo kasi ihh” 

2. Rice is lyf. Rice is everything. 

3. Mumsh, let’s talk about this. 

4. We all deserve an explanation 

5. Unli-overtime and OTTYs please 

6. Ryza Cenon is all of us right now

7. Savage! 

8. ~triggered~ and ~shookt~ 

9. Even Netflix joined the Twitter fun! 

10. Who ever said it was easy? 


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