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Papa, Daddy, Tatay, or Pudra. Whatever name they go by, the man of the house will always be our main king. From the famous tatay jokes up to their good old advice, our dads always try their best to paint a smile on our face.

On Sunday, June 18 marks the day dedicated for our beloved fathers. It may become just another Hallmark card occasion but you can actually do something fun to make it special. Here are 10 simple yet touching things that you can do to make this year’s Father’s Day celebration memorable:

1. Try to cook.

Even though you’re not an awesome chef, try experimenting and cook his favorite food. There are a lot of simple and delicious dish that you may try. If you want to go Filipino, why not prepare the all-time fave Adobo or Menudo? You can google all the recipes and voila, a sumptuous lunch/dinner that your dad and the whole fam will enjoy.

2. Take him out for dinner

If you’re really afraid to cook (yes, we know the feeling), taking him out for a dinner with your mom or siblings is a good way to bond and end this special day with a smile on his face.

3. Acknowledge his jokes.

This might be petty, but even he cracks the corniest jokes, it would always put a smile on our face. Having a fun conversation with him while sipping a cup of coffee is always the best. Throw some good jokes, too!

4. Watch a movie with him.

Whether he like it on a movie theater or just at the comfort of your own home, watching a good action movie will be so much appreciated. Grab a bunch of popcorn to enjoy the movie experience.

5. Give him a massage or spa treat.

After all the overtime at work, our dads deserve to be pampered. Whether it’s a massage or a spa session, it will help him release all the stress and feel relaxed.

6. Go on a museum tour.

Since Sunday is also family day, going on a museum tour and appreciating the artworks sounds really good. National Museum in Manila is open on Sundays and admission is absolutely free. After roaming the museum, you may also want to take a little walk to Intramuros and experience the beauty of the historical Walled City.

7. Give him a thank you gift or a card.

A simple gift or even a thank you card is not bad at all. Give him a pen, handkerchief, or his favorite perfume. Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure he’ll love it.

8. Buy his favorite drink.

What’s a delightful meal without a good drink, right? Grab a bottle of wine or even his favorite Scottish whiskey like Johnnie Walker. Whether it’s sweet and fruity, or spicy and smoky, Johnnie Walker has a blend fitting for every Scotch whisky lover’s taste. This could be a great time to bond and talk about random things with him.

9. Spend the whole day with him.

Although we recommend to give him a gift, take him out for dinner and a tour, spending the whole day doing the ordinary and usual routines with him is enough. Simplicity at it best.

10. Say “I love you”

This is the most important thing you need to do on his special day. Say how much you love him and be thankful he is in your life.

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