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Computer lab class was more than just using “technology to make our lives easier”, as our introduction to computer class always says. Computer lab also meant finishing work really fast so that you can play games.

And because we’re in the mood to have some throwback, here are 5 computer games from the ’90s that we used to play:

1. Elf bowling

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At some point, you probably felt bad for the elves who get serious toppling from the bowling ball but you can’t help it ‘cause they just keep taunting you! Now we know they’re not part of Santa’s nice list every Christmas- bad elves! Not to mention the occasional butt flashing from them elves. So funny.

2. Save them goldfish!

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This is probably the source of your early stress in life—saving them goldfish! Especially when it gets to the point where most of your fish have turned red. And it’s so frustrating because you keep saving them but your playmate keeps putting them back into the frying pan! Your wrists had serious exercise those days!

3. Space Cadet Pinball

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It’s the lights, the sounds, and the cute little button-looking things you need to hit that make this PC game an immortal classic. Plus, besting your high score just gives you that sense of fulfillment that you were extra productive that day. LOL.

4. Minesweeper

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The minesweeper lives on the virtue of “small but terrible”. The point of the game is basically gathering as much points as you can without clicking the tile with the bomb which will end the game. I guess the skill you can derive from this game is your gut feel (like, a lot of it) and the ability to recognize patterns to support your best guess of which tile not to click! 

5. Solitaire

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And finally, there’s the classic solitaire. I never got around to winning any round—but seriously, does solitaire even let anyone win? Maybe it’s just my distrust in online gaming where I feel like winning or losing has already been predetermined. Anyhoo, it does the job of killing boredom anyway by having something to do, at least.


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