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Brow-landia has continuously graced us with its out-of-the box shapes and hues and it’s not even the end of 2017.

From multiple beauty lovers to professionals, everyone agrees that groomed brows complete a make-up look. Even scientists say that brows “hold the highest face value” as they are instrumental to emotional expression and facial recognition, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

But a little experimenting in pursuit of gorgeous brows can’t be such a bummer, right?

Here are some of the latest brow trends beauty enthusiasts are not afraid of trying out:

1. Feather Brows

The feather brows first made its rounds in the internet back in early April when Finnish make-up artist Stella Sironen posted her center-parted and glued-in-place left brow on Instagram.

“So I’m starting this new brow trend. Please recreate it and wear it everyday,” she wrote in the caption.

Sironen’s followers were quick to tag her of their own version of the brow as the rest of the beauty world was fascinated by this fresh take on brow looks.

She even made a peacock feather version in another post where she clarified that the look was a mere experimentation such as ‘lip art and eye art and tons of different forms of creative makeup’.

2. Dragon Brows

☰DRAGON BROW☰ I don't know why my original caption disappeared but here's a second go 🤞 This is a weird brow look I did today. The eyelashes are by @elfcosmetics and they were a complete disaster – I definitely won't be purchasing these again but I was too lazy to change them today 😂I was inspired to do another fun, weird brow look after being inspired by the recent creations of 😙 ***If you don't like this look, that's totally fine. It was a fun artsy-fartsy look so don't get your panties in a wad 😂 I do delete spam, rude, or useless comments in order to promote good conversation. Only good vibes are welcome here ✌ #dragonbrows #eotd #eyeoftheday #eyemakeup #eye #messy #featherbrows #eyebrows #beautytrends #cosmetics #fashion #fashionphotography #makeupartist #mua #glossyeyes #green #bblogger #makeupmafia #slave2beauty #lotd #motd #instamakeup #instabeauty #instaglam #glam #makeupporn #makeupbyme #colourpop #ilovemakeup #love

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Self-taught makeup artist Harlibi was inspired to create a fun brow art as after the feather brow phenomena swept the Internet.

“This is a weird brow look I did today,” she said on an Instagram post, showing the eyebrow hairs glued in place to mimic the spikes seen in dragons.

In an interview with Allure, Harlibi explained she wanted to “embrace the opportunity to move away from the cookie-cutter brows that are so common and try to have more fun with my expression-caterpillars.”

While some disputed that dragon brows were already in existence among make-up artists having fun in beauty sessions, others quickly tried out this trend.

3. Barbed Wire Brows

Barbed wire brow

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Yes, you read it right. It’s a barbed wire eyebrows!

Make-up artist Athena Paginton posted a model sporting eyebrows styled into spikes in alternating upward and downward points. Allure editor Sable Yong called this look browlicks as it seems like a “haute couture version of the cowlick, bedhead brows we wake up with in the morning.”

While this did not pick up as much following as the preceding trends, some people that are into beauty adventures gladly gave it a try.

4. Brow Carving

The beauty community has its basic guidelines on how to use make-up products, but never the rules. One can literally use any item on any part of the face. That’s most likely how Texas-based make-up artist Alexa Link came up with eyebrow carving.

Described as a smokey look for the brows, lines were traced around the outer perimeter of the brows with eyeliner to create sharp, defined edges. The edges were blended out with coordinating eye shadow to create the smoky effect.

Link’s creative eyebrow frame is definitely lit. Brow art lovers were more than willing to try out this trend, with some using shimmery shadows and glitter chunks.

Make-up artist KaMUA also included his own little twist to the look–a lip carve.

Have you tried any of these brow trends? Yes or not, we wish you a good brow day!

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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