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Photo from Lang Leav’s official Facebook page

Perhaps no other author has caused the feels fever online for sharing heartbreaking poems as much as Lang Leav. This time, she’s going beyond poetry.

The work of 35-year-old author from New Zealand never failed to “strike a chord,” with simple yet evocative poems on universal subjects such as life, love, and longing.

The evident theme of heartbreak and melancholy earned her a massive following around the world – mostly teenagers – who find her words so relatable, ‘as if it speaks to me’.

Four best-selling books later, Leav is back at it with ‘Sad Girls’.

The author’s official website describes the novel as an “emotionally charged coming of age story, where young love, dark secrets and tragedy collide.” Now, this definitely looks like a material Lang Leav would write.

(Don’t worry. No spoiler alerts for you. *wink*)

To celebrate the release of her debut novel and her upcoming book signing events in Makati and Cebu, let’s take a look back at seven of Leav’s hugot-filled poems that totally tell everyone’s story.

1. When you were friend-zoned

2. When you found yourself falling in love but afraid of it

3. When it should have been you 

4. When you regret not saying goodbye

5. When you just can’t move on

6. When the person does not love you back

7. When you are in a long-distance relationship

Did any of these give you the feels? For sure at least one did.

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