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In the midst of all sorts of rainbow items showcased during the hour-long parade during the Pride March 2017, one other particular item stood out: the witty and amusing protest posters. The LGBTQ+ community is definitely not afraid to give a piece of their mind, but they’re also more than willing to share the fun.

Here are some of the clever protest posters that we spotted yesterday:

1. Straight Against H8 

We are, too.

2. If God Hates Us, Why Are We So Cute? 

Well, these two are definitely cute!

3. ‘Di Alam ng Nanay Ko na Nandito Ako. 

We applaud you for the courage to march, nonetheless. You are amazing!

4. Let’s Get One Thing Straight, I’m Not.

Written especially for all the dear Titos and Titas of Manila and all over the country.

5. Happy and Gay. 

“… and ain’t afraid to slay.” *bow*

6. Pride Not Prejudice.

Oh, Mr. Darcy could not agree more.


Mga beks, formation!”

The LGBTQ+ are truly the kings and queens of being extra. Which poster was your favorite?

Photos by Angela Casco


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