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All of us might know her and might have shared one or two of her videos on our own timeline.

Maxim Dandan is a 3-year-old kid best known for her adorable and funny videos online. This cute little girl loves to play, sing, and of course eat her favorite food like champorado and fishball.

Her Facebook page created last year has already garnered almost 540k likes and followers. Woah!

Because we love checking out Baby Maxim’s Facebook page, allow us to give you 7 videos that will prove that she is the cutest!

1. Stupeeehd~

Kat Galang is ~shookt~

2. Honesty is the best policy! 

“Bakit sisinungaling ka?” So cute!! 

3. Want some ‘fitbol’? LOL

Gusto din namin ng fitbol at kissbol! 

4. The famous Liza Soberano line! 

No, baby. You’re beautiful! 

5. We love you, too, Maxim! <3 

Such a lovely girl! 

6. Yummerz! 

Ulit-ulit kasi eh. LOL

7. “Di na ko ganda eh” 


8. Toothbrush time! 

Kay Maxim kasi ‘to. Ha-ha!

Check out Maxim Dandan’s Facebook page for more videos. <3


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