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With busy lives and at times a bad week at school or work, taking a well-deserved break can be completely rewarding. It is a chance to slow down and recharge for another hurrah in the coming weeks.

Vacations, however, are not always out-of-town. You can have your little holiday while staying in your neighborhood or city. Combining the two – stay + vacation – and you’ll get your dose of ‘staycation’.

Here’s why we think staycations might be better for you:

1. You can be very spontaneous.

Planning trips to destinations that require an 8-hour drive has its share of stress. From accommodations to safety concerns, what was meant to be an enjoyable time can be a total letdown.

With staycations, however, you can be very random with what you decide to do. You can try binge watching your favorite Netflix series or simply sleep as much as you want. It wouldn’t need elaborate preparation to turn on your television or to surround yourself with pillows.

2. You can spend time with family and friends – or on your own

Time for family and friends are of the overlooked when we’re so busy. Staycations are a chance to keep connected and catch up with loved ones. (You can’t just chat them online forever, you know?)

Staying at a friend’s house for a sleepover or for a K-drama marathon can be an enjoyable way to cap off the week. 

Your staycation can also be a chance for you to spend some ‘me’ time. Get a good book, put on your face mask, and sip your favorite drink.

3. Cost-efficient

The frugality of staycations is probably its best part. You won’t have to spend every penny in your wallet and bank account to make the best out of your weekend.

It’s also highly likely that discounts, promos, and freebies are available in various museums, restaurants, and parks near your area. Go research through the Internet and you might just snag a great deal.

4. Time Travel Efficient

Aside from being cost-efficient, staycations cut down your travel time. You won’t have to deal with terrible traffic situations that drain your energy and time. You can maximize your time to more fun activities instead of stressing over time wasted while stuck in the road. (Not on my staycation, EDSA!)

5. You can be a tourist in your own area

You know very well where the transport terminals are or perhaps the nearby grocery. You might also know the famous landmarks in your city. But other than what’s been featured on television programs or blog posts, do you know any other spot worth visiting?

Pack your essentials and go check out what else your city has to offer, may it be a newly-opened food park, a unique museum, or a quick nature retreat.

What were you up to this long weekend?

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