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Photo screen grabbed Snapchat | YouTube

The popular mobile app Snapchat has launched a new feature called the Snap Map. A map that allows people to see the exact location of their friends in real time.

Users can zoom in to see the exact town, street and even house or business where their friends are. In short, the Snap Map feature lets you stalk your friends.

Last June 21, Snap Inc. wrote on its blog that they decided to have the map to “built a whole new way to explore the world.”

“We’ve built a whole new way to explore the world! See what’s happening, find your friends, and get inspired to go on an adventure!,” it wrote.

The update automatically has location sharing switched on unless users switch to “ghost mode.”

If you’re concern with your privacy, don’t worry because you can actually turn this off.

Open the app like you’re about to make a snap, pinch your fingers together, and wait for the map to pop up. The app will ask you who you want to see your location. You have three options; Ghost Mode, My Friends, or Select Friends. Choose the Ghost Mode if you want your location to remain private. .


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