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Photo screen grab from Michelle Dy | Youtube

Make up guru Michelle Dy just did what beauty lovers on a budget have always wanted (but too embarrassed) to try: achieve a full face makeup using only testers at beauty counters.

About to go partying at night, Michelle’s friends (a.k.a. ‘mamshies’) intentionally left the makeup bag to set her up for the challenge. The results were no less than amazing. Pak na pak talaga!

While the beauty vlogger refused at first, with a little persuasion, she accepted the challenge.

First order of business was hand sanitation.

“Make sure na you put on the alcohol para malinis ang kamay niyo just in case wala kayong gagamiting brush,” Dy said.

From every makeup item you can think of, the 25-year-old was determined to accomplish the challenge with on-fleek brows and a chiseled jaw line. Even tools that she used such as brushes and eyelash curlers were those found (and battered) on display.

Michelle, however, warned viewers not to try testers for a full face make up as they are not safe for use – and not sales lady-friendly.

At the 8:33 mark, Michelle sanitized a lipstick tester before using by wiping off the tip with an anti-bacterial tissue.

“Wag gagayahin ah? Baka magalit ‘yong mga sales lady,” she posted on her official Facebook account.

The video uploaded on June 25 and has already garnered at least 247,000 views and 12,633 likes since it was uploaded.

The Ilokana beauty, who started her Youtube channel way back 2011, is also behind the viral Encantadia and Mulawin VS. Ravena makeup covers.

Photos from Michelle Dy | Instagram

Have you tried achieving full face of make up by using testers? Watch the full video below for laughs:


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