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The HiHo Kids are known for their wit and funny antics. From different food taste-test videos up to their mailbags, these kids will surely make your day.

The “Kids Try” series produced by the company named Cut started with videos where kids try different food around the world. And if you’re an avid viewer like us, we’re pretty sure that you know the names of the HiHo kids: Desmond, Maddox, Crystal, GG, Justin, Austin, Steven, Carolina, Clara, and of course Ernie.

Though we love all of them, Ernie or popularly known as Super Ernie is our favorite! The adorable and charming 4-year old kid is the son of Cut’s CEO Mike Gaston. He is known for his funny outtakes and his favorite word Djibouti (Ja-booty).

Because we super love Ernie, allow us to give you 10 photos and videos that will prove that Ernie is the cutest!

1. Ja-booty is a cute word, right?

2. And no-shu bot-it means yum!

3. Ernie loves playing even with the bubble tea. Ahhh so cute! 

4. For him, love is a lollipop with a scorpion inside. Lol!

5. He’s the cutest dinosaur!

#superernie💚 repost from @marina__taylor

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6. Adorbs since birth!

Last one I promise. Ernie at 10 mos. walking to me. #superernie #SuperErnie💚 #tbt #throwbackthursday

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7. He loves adobo like we all do

8. And he’s proud to be a Filipino

Belated happy birthday, Ernie! Stay awesome! <3

I wish I was at home for this. Living vicariously through my wife's instagram feed. #superernie💚

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Check out HiHo’s YouTube channel for more Kids Try videos.

Photos screen grabbed from Hiho | YouTube



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