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Photo from Forbes

Keep pressing your mobile phone’s update button, fellas! The Emoji 5.0 version which partly includes a total of 56 new emojis will be made available in the second half of 2017, The Telegraph reports.


This new releases make an emoji grand total of 1,907. The update—coming in Unicode 10.0—will also include some of the most exciting emojis to date: mermaids, elves, vampires, fairies, genies, wizards, unicorn, and witches. So adorbs!

There are also new animal emojis such as giraffes and dinosaurs. Even your food cravings could be triggered with additional food emojis like coconut, broccoli, steak, pie, pretzels, and dumplings.

Users quickly noticed and praised the new set of emojis for its gender inclusivity, having both male and female versions of almost everything. There’s also a woman in a hijab and a breastfeeding emoji.

These new emojis will be available to iOS and Android operating systems.


Red heads have been listed as emoji candidates for 2018 after much clamor online.

Emoji reference website, Emojipedia tweeted late March announcing all new 69 emojis this year. Users would receive updates with the new emoji support from July to December of this year.

Which of the new emojis is your favorite?


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