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While the human body is mostly made up of water—approximately making up 50 to 70 percent of the body composition—replenishment through drinking water is constantly needed.

This is integral to all bodily processes such as temperature regulation, nutrition transportation, and tissue and organ lubrication. Gulping at least 8 glasses several times throughout the day can help these processes, and your overall health.

If you are experiencing fatigue, irritability, headache, dark colored urine, decreased urine output, dry skin, and sunken eyes, then your body’s hydration is in trouble. Even the mere feeling of thirst is a sign that you are suffering from dehydration.

Water is the best drink to replenish lost body fluids but fruit juices and soup can be substitutes. A lot of these that are available in the market, though, contain high calorie and sugar content, endangering the health more instead of improving it.

With that, here are five healthy drink options for when you are thirsty:

1. Sparkling water

If you are the type to drink soda every single meal of the day, you might want to give sparkling water a try. It has the same fizz as your favorite soda but with zero sugar and caffeine. It also has more nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. It promotes hydration, and strong teeth, bones, muscles, and heart. Gerolsteiner’s sparkling water could be a good start.

2.  Tea

The calming effect of tea, hot or chilled, is undeniable. It works wonders when you want to de-stress from day’s worth of work or school responsibilities. Drinking tea protects you from free radicals – the body’s version of metal rust. It also boosts the immune system.

Bayani Brew’s flavored tea in a bottle (definitely convenient) is worth a try. It is made from organic lemongrass, pandan, calamansi, camote tops, moringa, alagaw, and dalanghita, all of which sweetened with raw brown sugar. Interesting!

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3. Pure Orange Juice

With all kinds of troublesome germs and viruses that cause cough, colds, and flu, a cup of 100% percent orange juice can be your weapon as it contains vitamin C that boosts the immune system. Drinking this every morning can substitute two servings of fruits a day.

Rauch Happy Day 100 percent orange juice,which contains approximately 2.5 Kg of sun-ripened oranges for every one Liter, can save you from squeezing actual oranges in the morning to get your ascorbic acid fix.

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4. Pure wheatgrass

A glass of pure wheatgrass juice can be your energy booster when you feel drained. It contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help keep you going. Easy Phamax Wheatgrass with Lemon is a good bet if you feel uncomfortable with the grassy after taste.

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5. Low-calorie juice drink

Your favorite packed fruit juice drinks might not be so good for hydration as it contains high amounts of sugar. Old Orchard Healthy Balance Cranberry Juice, however, has 80 percent less sugar and only 20 calories per cup. Perfect for when you truly want to cut down sugar intake. Aside from being another immune booster, cranberry juice also helps in preventing the recurrence of urinary tract infection (UTI).

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Which of these would you drink when you’re feeling thirsty?



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