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Let’s admit it. We’ve emptied at least ten tissue boxes when some major players in the K-Poplandia announced their breakups. *sniffs*

The groups who called it quits were mostly the so-called ‘2nd generation idols,’ who burst into the scene 7 to 10 years ago. It was this generation that began spreading the Hallyu Wave in neighboring countries, and eventually the world. So while the last year and a half was filled with many promising debuts, it also brought tears as fans bid goodbye to familiar and beloved groups. 

TBH, we already knew that our favorite K-Pop acts will someday disband but we were never ready for it. How could we ever be, right? But reality hits hard: everything that has a beginning has an end (a.k.a. company contracts). What will always stay with us, however, are the bops and performances that we danced to, went crazy for, and cried our hearts out with throughout the years.

Here are five of the K-Pop groups we highkey wish were still together:

Wonder Girls

This decade-old retro queens took their nation by storm with their addictive hit, “Tell Me,” in 2007. But it was in 2009 that they cemented their K-Pop legend status as the first South Korean group to land the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with the song, “Nobody.” They went on to perform as the opening act for the Jonas’ Brothers World Tour that same year. While the group parted ways in January 26, 2017, what’s certain is that there’s truly nobody like them.


Multiple line-up changes did not hinder this girl group from achieving success both within Korea and East Asian countries like Japan. Little sister of massively successful OG girl group Fin.K.L, the group faired well under pressure with their first hit song, “Mister”. Even more famous was its highlight ‘butt dance’ (see 0:11). After years of more chart-topping songs and tours, the group officially disbanded January 15, 2016. Park Gyu-ri, however, clarified that they are still looking forward to future activities for their fans, Kamilias. (Please do!)


The group has been on fire since its debut, sweeping weekly music show awards with edgy and impressive performances. Their very first track, “Fire”, instantly gained them a Korean and international following that quickly grew over the years with one hit song after another.  After a much-publicized controversy in 2014, the group went on a hiatus and pursued personal activities. The group officially disbanded in November 25, 2016, when two of the quartet left. A farewell song, “Goodbye” was released two months later. We were so not ready for this. *sobs*


The group debuted in 2009  and has since been steadily gaining fans with their promotions. But it was the title track “What’s Your Name?” from their fourth mini-album in 2013 that gave them their first chart-topper. Over the next few years, the group continuously slayed with edgy and charismatic hits such as “Crazy” and their last single, “Hate”. The group officially disbanded June 13, 2016, with only one member staying to pursue solo activities. 4Minute is definitely a name to remember.


Dubbed as the official summer girl group, Sistar has been brightening up even the gloomy days with their performances. They have numerous hits on their name including, “So Cool”, “Alone”, “Loving U” and “Give It to Me”. Their 2014 commercially successful “Touch My Body” gave way to so many hilarious dance covers, from comedians to boy idol groups. They officially disbanded on June 4, 2017 after wrapping up promotions for their farewell track, “Lonely”, as well as singing a medley of their best hits from the past 7 years. Summers will sure be lonely now that they have parted ways.

Video from 1theK

Which girl group do you miss the most? We dare say all! (Gonna go cry in a hole. BRB.)

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