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Embracing art in life has never been more helpful than this: creatives coming together spontaneously to bring awareness to the struggles and needs of a war-torn area in the country. Yas!

“Hue and Me: Embracing Art in Life” brought together artists, art enthusiasts, and their art treasures to call for peace in Marawi. The best part: all its proceeds will fund basic necessities like food and clothing for the victims of the siege (which FYI, is already in its 49th day of clash as of writing).

From realist to abstract works, walk-in artists, and exhibitors slathered paint and oil on their blank canvass (It was such a mesmerizing sight. Pramis!) Their ‘Piece for Peace in Marawi’ were immediately available for purchase.

Posted by Hue & Me: Embracing Art in Life on Friday, July 7, 2017

Facebook Live Video courtesy of Hue & Me: Embracing Art in Life

Here are 5 of the amazing on-the-spot artworks we’ve seen at #HueAndMePH:

1.  Untitled Works by Noel Bueza

A visual artist from Lucban, Quezon, Noel Bueza was one of the first artists to volunteer and finish their work at the fair. “Ganito ang mga gawa ko, mga mabilisang trabaho at para na din makarami ng donation para sa Marawi,” he told MB Life. The black canvass contrasted Bueza’s color choices, making the images stand out. We salute you (and your flash speed), Sir!

2. A Peace of Mind by Ayen Quias of the Art Van

Cavite-based painter Ayen Quias enjoys painting a woman as a subject and her on-the-spot artwork is no different. “Medyo nahirapan pa nga ako sa pagpinta kasi manipis ‘yung pintura na nagamit ko. Dapat kasi talaga maraming patong ng kulay ito,” Quias shared after finishing her work. While she was noticeably the quiet painter during the first day of Hue and Me, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her works were featured in various exhibits in Malaysia, Singapore, and Italy. You go, girl!

3. Untitled Work by Fred Ibanez

Freelance artist and Bacolod-born Fred Ibanez championed symbolism in his on-the-spot work. He focused on the worst victims of Marawi – the children. “Kaya bata ang nasa painting ko kasi sila ang pinaka-apektado ng bakbakan. ‘Yung innocence nila napakahirap na ibalik sa gitna ng giyera,” he said. The child holding an illustration also embody the child’s simple dream of a happy, peaceful and loving community. The balance of black and white with the word ‘Pag-ibig’ depict that everyone is equal in love, regardless of religion and tribe.

4. Nature’s Comfort by Emmanuel Nim

A certified crowd-favorite, Manila-based artist Emmanuel Nim’s painting seems like a dream – a very aesthetically pleasing one. The work’s title accurately describes that warm, fuzzy feeling when someone looks at it. It honestly looked like Monet and Nim somehow managed to meet in the past for some afternoon tea at a garden because this is some ‘Impressionist’ goodness. Hands down. This is definitely our favorite on-the-spot work of the bunch.

5. Filipina Mother and Child by Art Cuvinar

He may be the oldest among the artists but there’s definitely nothing dull about his artwork. Art Cuvinar, who has been with the arts for 40 years (20 years in painting), said the classic mother and child’s message is of peace and compassion in the war zone. “Amidst adversity, there should be unity among Filipinos,” he added. This watercolor painting radiates much-needed light of a dark period in Marawi.

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Some of the artworks being sold and auctioned for Piece for Peace for Marawi. All proceeds will fund the packaging of…

Posted by Hue & Me: Embracing Art in Life on Sunday, July 9, 2017


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