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GameCon Philippines held its very first gaming convention and competition at the SM Megamall Trade Hall 2 which started July 6 until July 9. The first two days consists of workshops and activities, while the latter days was for the exhibitors to showcase their games and let gamers test them out.

If you’re curious about what went down, allow us to list some of the things you’ve missed during this cool event:

1. Mind Museum’s fruit and vegetable piano

You probably have seen this a couple of times in those internet video memes. In the Mind Museum’s booth, they will let you play a virtual piano using fruits and veggies as keys. The person must wear their aluminum foil shaped like a bracelet so that he/she could start playing. Cool!

The science behind this is that you can attach it to anything that is conductive. You can even attach the other end to a person, boop their nose and music will come out of it!

Mind Museum’s makeshift fruit and vegetable keyboard

2. The Gaming Library

Nope, it’s not like any other video game stalls out there. The Gaming Library takes back people to classic gaming: board and card games. From the crowd-favorite Cards Against Humanity to Dungeon and Dragons-like games, they have it on sale for a very reasonable price!

3. VR Experience

If you haven’t experienced the goodness of Virtual Reality (VR), GameCon has booths which lets you it and you can even play awesome pre-made games. The best part about this is that these game are all made by our fellow Pinoys!

4.  The Local Games Scene

The great thing about GameCon is that they give local game producers a chance to showcase their very own games and even let you play their demo game. They also have this segment where creators would go upstage and be critiqued by the pros of the industry.

5. The Neko Maid Café

If you ever needed a break from all those gaming, there’s this Neko Maid Café where you can chill. They serve refreshing cold drinks and some snacks. Plus, they have cute maids to accompany you! Kawaii!

6. Opportunities at the Gaming Industry

Whether you’re a student, an aspiring developer, or a young professional pursuing a career in the gaming industry, there are lots of booths for you to check out. If you’re a student, there’s First Academy, CIIT, College of St. Benilde (CSB) just to name a few. If you’re an aspiring game developer/creator, there’s Neun Farben, YangYang Mobile, Zeenoh, KooApps, and many more. Be sure to drop by next year if you’re interested to join them!

Photos by Madel Crudo


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