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Indie rock band Rusty Machines launched their new single entitled “What Went Wrong” at Mow’s Bar in Matalino, QC last Saturday, July 8.

It was released alongside a music video directed by Petersen Vargas who is known for the film 2 Cool 2 Be 4Gotten and BP Valenzuela’s “Steady” MV. Featuring the band’s new bassist Leandro Fabregas and Gen Reyes, the music video is “a sequence of events that oscillate between reality and imagination as a relationship unravels.” Hmm, interesting!

The four-piece band is composed of vocalist/guitarist Iggy San Pablo, drummer Miko Miso, bassist Leandro Fabregas, and guitarist Joshua Andres. What Went Wrong is part of Rusty Machines’ upcoming debut album which will be released by Wide Eyed Records Manila.

Rusty Machines’ 2014 EP called “City Lights” and their new single What Went Wrong are available for streaming on Spotify and iTunes.

Featured image by Jeremy Caisip


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