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Living in a world full of people in need of compassion, the good we could all do is extend a helping hand, even if we don’t have much ourselves.

Gava – an online crowdfunding platform – lets givers do just that. It allows anyone to experience and participate in a simple, smart, and secure fundraising for corporate, social, and personal causes.

Curious about crowdfunding, especially online? Here are 5 reasons why you should support platforms like Gava:

1. It helps realize dreams and aspirations of people in need.

Paul Frederic Panes has a congenital heart defect called Transposition of Great Arteries at five days old. His mother, Rainymei, pleaded for help through Gava to be able to let her son to undergo Arterial Switch Operation.

Paul is one of the many people who have successfully raised funding through Gava. With a total of 14 givers, they were able to raise 580 USD to save a heart. Gava givers saved a life that could have been lost. Now, Paul is growing healthy and well. His family can dream for his bright future.

2. It propagates a culture of generosity.

“The main purpose of Gava is to really create a community of givers. ‘Yun ‘yung number one, first and foremost (goal),” Gava CEO Anne Lindayag told MB Life.

The team’s mission is to deliver safe, trustworthy and well-organized fundraising that promotes a lifestyle of generosity and kindness. Gava believes in the power of giving together.

“It’s like being the light in a very dark world,” Interior Designer and Gava ambassador Carla Peña added.

With a generation hooked on social media and mobile gadgets, the team offers online services that makes giving easier for people, helping more people help more people.

3. It saves cost.

Crowdfunding is an arduous and costly task itself. Campaigns need to invest in platform build-up, infrastracture, bank requirements, customer relationship management, reports, analytics, and support. That’s a lot of things to spend on, right?

Gava, however, provided solutions (a.k.a. cut the costs) for these challenges through online operations, ditching costly materials like tarpaulin, flyers, among many others. The website allows creation and sharing of campaigns, multiple payment options for donors, and managing the raised funds seamlessly. The best part: signing up and starting a campaign is totally free. (Who doesn’t love anything free?)

4. It is convenient.

Achieving the targets in just a matter of clicks? Gava makes it so convenient! Those who would like to raise funds for their causes can personalize their campaign with pictures and videos.

“If I want to help people in Marawi, do I need to go there myself when I’m here in Manila?” Lindayag said, citing a challenge when it comes to donating in the Philippines.

This barrier, according to her, is what Gava hopes to break down by offering multiple payment methods: cash, cheque, and online transactions in various banks, cell networks, and even  convenience stores. This is allowing donation anytime and anywhere. Good job, Gava!

5. It has great connectivity with givers and in social media

Creating and sharing a campaign is one thing. Maintaining it is a totally different matter. Gava sends a fundraiser instant updates on the progress of the campaign via email and SMS. It also makes available a 24/7/365 web chat window responsive in a matter of seconds to any queries.

Gava also makes sure that campaign creators can connect with virtually anyone across all social media platforms. The team is found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Would you support Gava’s causes? We think it’s worth helping others out. Let’s make generosity a lifestyle.

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