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The continuation of Jollibee’s commercial series had netizens ~shookt~ again, this time telling the other side of the story from the fastfood chain’s Valentine ad, “Vow.”

The #JollibeePerfectPairs clip showed the perspective of the girl who is in love but will always be “just a friend” to the guy who was previously friend-zoned. Ouch!

TBH, the ad was friend-zone galore and while others cried their personal hugots, others were more than ready to make a laugh out of it.

Here are 10 of the best Twitter reactions to the #JollibeePerfectPairs commercial:

1. When you eat fast food every day but  your weight does not budge.

Considering the amount of calories in fried chicken and fries? Sino ngang niloko nila? LOL

2. When you have all the baon to go all out in eating

Every student, though, knows that while eating is life, budgeting is lifer.

3. When you just want to switch to the other fast food resto because of gigil

Eating > flirting

4. When The Voice steps in to tell the story for you

This is the art of professional abangers slaying the waiting game.

5. When all you care about is unli-rice

Ehem, Jollibee. Unli-rice, please.

6. When you want to rub salt on an open wound

Because pain demands to be felt, mumsh.

7. When fries and gravy is like pineapple on a pizza

Looks like a new army is born to fight not just pineapples on pizza but also fries dipped in gravy. They believe it’s not a perfect pair.

8. When lines from a movie says it all

Shinota mo ang bestfriend mo!”

9. When you can cast new characters for La Luna Sangre

It’s not that bad to be a vampire with fries as fangs, eh?

10. Kidding aside, the best lesson is this:

Never settle for less than you deserve! Be patient and wait. #SayNoToRebound

Watch the latest Jollibee commercial here:

There's a perfect time to find your perfect pair #JollibeePerfectPairs

Posted by Jollibee on Saturday, July 15, 2017

Photo screen-grabbed from @raphaelmiguel


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