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Ivanka Trump, daughter of United States President Donald Trump, celebrated the 6th birthday of her daughter Arabella Kushner with balloons, gifts, and surprisingly, hotdog with marshmallow on a stick.

She shared an Instagram story of the hotdog-marshmallow on a stick combo with the caption, “Keeping it healthy.”

Although, we all know that this is a Filipino dish commonly served at children’s birthday parties, the rest of the internet were ~shookt~.

BuzzFeed PH’s Matt Ortile even asked: “Did Ivanka throw a Filipino birthday party for her daughter Arabella?” We think so!

They don’t look like the red hotdogs that we love, but Filipino netizens pointed out that Ivanka should’ve use colorful marshmallows and put the skewers on a cabbage head. We totes agree!

Also, where’s the karaoke, Filipino-style spaghetti, Jollibee chicken, and the drunk titos, Ivanka? LOL.


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