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If you love or obsess over Chinese food, this hidden gem in Quezon City is definitely for you.

Taipei Taipei is your specialty resto full of offerings for a simple hunger fix or an authentic food adventure. From classic favorites to snacks you can spot in the streets of Taiwan, this thriving food establishment in Tomas Morato- Kamuning has it. It is a foodie area slowly picking up hype for its amazing food finds.

So much for the blabber and on to the food, here are 5 dishes you definitely need to try out at Taipei Taipei according to Chef Gene Gonzales:

1. Zha Jiang Noodles

You’ve probably seen this dish multiple times in K-Dramas. Your oppa calls it jajangmyun but this is actually a Chinese noodle specialty. The rich and fresh homemade noodles are covered with a shiny bronze sauce made of ground pork mix, fermented bean, chili, diced tofu, and mushrooms. Their bestseller seafood noodles serve the same home-made noodles stir-fried and soy-glazed. *mouthwaters*

Photo from @clapanuelos

2. Homemade Dumplings

Taipei Taipei is also a homemade dumpling heaven. Their fried dumplings, served upside down, are steamed then fried. An egg-like film over the crispy wrap gave it much more texture. Their xiao long bao can’t be missed, too. Every dumpling lover knows this is the real deal. Steamed wraps of meat and soup make this an absolute bomb of flavors. The chef whipping it up in front of customers is also a bonus.

Photo from @chefgenegonzales
Photo from @clapnuelos

3. Dong Po Rou

The meaty goodness of this braised pork dish never fails. Dong Po Rou, also called Tong Bo Ro, is tender slab of meat  and fat sliced and eaten with steamed bread. These steamed bread, either a manto or cuapao, is soaked in the meat’s flavorful reddish sauce. Feels like like puto and dinuguan, eh?

Photo from Manila Bulletin

4. Chicken with Scallions

With its light but umami-filled flavors, the chicken with scallions is the perfect rice partner (’cause every Filipino knows that rice is life). Its blanket of crushed ginger and a layer of slivered leeks makes this an even more interesting and authentic dish.

Photo from Manila Bulletin

[Manila Bulletin]


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