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The much-loved anime character Doraemon is gearing up for its #ImYourHero campaign, championing the positive values the show has taught its many viewers.

Honesty, resilience, courage, family values, and respect are some of the values Animation International (AI) wants to promote through one of Time magazine’s catalyst hero in Asia, the robotic cat of the 22nd century himself. Winner!

“I think for Doraemon, what everybody knows is that it’s a TV show that promotes positive values. Unlike other anime na puro dugo, puro laman, it really is more of the positive values talaga and that’s where everything that we are planning is coming from,” says Abe Franco, general manager of AI Philippines.

The campaign #IAmYourHero, based on the idea that any, will be executed in various activities that Franco describes as shout-outs.

This will include mall tours around Metro Manila and nearby cities, targeting the millennials and/or young adults. Lots of activities are lined up in the graffiti-like park featuring the Doraemon van and selfie opportunities to win prizes. The tour will kick off at the SM North Edsa Atrium on August 7 to 13 and will visit more malls in succeeding weeks.

Doraemon and friends will also be visiting 10 schools in the metro to promote the show’s positive values. This one is targeted towards the kids. UNO High School is first on the list on August 2.

A merchandise store with all things Doraemon such as eyewear, clothing, flip-flops, and even diapers (cute!) will also be set up in the country. The items will later on include chips, biscuits, and other grocery items. Some will be also locally made while others are imported.

“AI’s goal is to fill the Philippines with a lot of Doraemon merchandise and to bring happiness to Filipinos,” Franco added.

Kondo and Franco also hopes to bring more Doraemon films and host festivals with the anime character at the center of it all such as the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo, the biggest promotional campaign they had in Asia that ran in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. All those, “Ang mahiwagang…” gadgets will surely be interesting!

Doraemon became a household name and a ’90s kids favorite in the country when it first aired in 1999. Together with his best buddy Nobita and friends Shizuka, Damulag, and Suneo, they push through problems and mishaps with Doraemon’s gadgets from the future, 2112.

Photos by Madel Crudo

Featured image from The Bit Bag


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