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It’s the rainy season again. Typhoon here (hello, Gorio) and monsoon rains there, the quest to stay dry is more difficult than ever.

You’re probably very lucky if you’re a student because once classes are suspended, you’re likely to stay home and do some more school work (or binge watch K-dramas). For those who need to brave flooding and the heavy downpour, however, the goal is to be as water-proof as possible.

Witha that, allow us to givr you some tips on how to keep you dry when it’s raining cats and dogs:

1. Bring your rainy day essentials

Nothing beats being prepared like a girl scout when the rain pours. Make sure to have rainy day essentials in your bag. These include your trusty umbrella, plastic bags, extra shirts, slippers, flashlight, towel, and some extra coins for a less hassle commute. A power bank can also help your mobile phone running. And if you’re willing to go ~extra~, include foldable boots and a rain coat.

It’s that time of the year again! Make sure you have these rainy season must-haves to store inside your bag. 😉

Posted by MB Life on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2. Be updated on weather reports

Let’s all be like Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte and stick to weather reports with all our might. Stay updated via television, radio, or social media. Follow PAG-ASA, MMDA, various news outlets, and even LGUs on Twitter for real time advisory.

Also keep in mind what colored rainfall warnings mean: yellow means 7.5-15 mm of heavy rain and can possibly cause flooding; orange means 15-30 mm of intense rain and flooding can be threatening; and red means more than 30 mm of rain and can cause serious flooding in low-lying areas. You’ve been warned.

3. Know what alternate routes to take

Rain in the metro could also mean flooding, making key roads impassable to just about any vehicle. Just like Waze, learn about alternate routes you can take when the rain persists. Knowing how to navigate your way through flooded roads and the traffic it’s causing, you’re well on your way to arriving at any destination unscathed. In short, binagyo na’t lahat dapat fresh pa din!

4. Dress practically. 

You might want to skip dressing to impress and dress practically on a rainy day. Pay extra attention to footwear. Instead of a suede or a canvas shoe, sport shoes that have amazing grip on a slippery road. Footwear made of rubber material are also good options as these are washable, odor-resistant, and of course, water-proof.

5. Be cautious and patient.

This is perhaps the most important tip to follow. Even if you have all the materials to keep yourself dry, if you freak out or act in haste, you’ll be drenched in no time. Extra caution is top priority when braving a flooded area or even commuting when the rain is pouring non-stop.

No matter how gross the rain and floodwater can look, be mindful of where you set your foot. Keep in mind the first four tips on this list and you can prevent any untoward incident (like slipping on a puddle of water). If not in a hurry, take time and wait for the rain to subside.

Let’s all stay safe and dry, folks!


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